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The Negril Lighthouse
the Sun's setting, seen from NegrilSunset going further below the horizonSunset reflects on the Sea surfaceSunset under the horizonSunset Gone out of sight below Horizon
Stages of a sunset when viewed from the western most part of the island - Negril, Jamaica
Children School busChildren School BusChildren School BusPedal Bus
Human Power cannot be under estimated, even the youth is powerful enough to move this Children School Bus.
People on a multi Cycle Human Powered Vehicle operating as Mobile Pub
Having to pedal, is the least of our problems, after all, we don't need to stop to buy Gas; just more beer...
Vending cart on Wheels
Not unusual for carts to be on Wheels, and not unusual either for them to be human powered.
TriCycle with load carrier on front axle
This Tricycle provides an easy to transport small loads/good/items across long distance, all based on you own human power to get to your destinations. maintenance is low, fuel (health specific) free.